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Over-Coming Infidelity:

Resolving Trust within an Intimate Relationship

It takes a tremendous amount of courage for both partners to decide to make an attempt at repairing a relationship after a significant betrayal of trust has occurred. I try my best to always create a balanced and safe atmosphere for each partner to begin the process moving beyond the anger and hurt towards increasing empathy and understanding.

Remaining open and committed to changing the problematic patterns of interactions that occurred prior to the betrayal is an important part of the process. If a couple is able to remain committed to the process, they can emerge healthier and more strongly bonded than ever!

I can help you to re-establish the close bond you felt in the beginning of your relationship and learn how to resolve long standing problems for good. I can help you and your partner begin to hear each other again and regain respect, trust, and empathy. 

Helpful Books & Links:

Rethinking Infidelity- Esther Perel

After the Affair, Updated Second Edition

by Janis A. Spring, Xe Sands, et al.

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