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First off, I'd like to commend you for your courage and commitment to your own health and well-being, your relationship and your family and beginning the process of making the decision to come in for counseling. Sometimes reaching out for help is the hardest step!

Working on resolving long standing problems can be difficult and uncomfortable but can lead to a more fulfilling and happy life. It is my belief that by engaging in a relationship with a therapist, you can begin to see yourself, your partner, and your family members more clearly. You can begin to move away from long standing negative interaction patterns and difficulties towards a more untroubled life!

I will work with you to create a therapy specifically tailored to your needs. I will help you clarify your therapeutic goals, and guide you toward uncovering the inner strengths and resources that can help you reach them.

Office Location & Contact Info:


Offering Both In Office and Virtual Sessions


Benicia Office 

110 East D Street, Suite A

Benicia, CA 94510
(Downtown on 1st Street)



Phone (415) 412-2294

Fax      (707) 297-6487

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